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Jerry –I think Gonzo worried too much about cheysitrm(i.e making Harvey happy). Willard should just play the guys that deserve the playing time — The competetion should be good for the team.As for RU, before making them the favorites for the Big East in 2011, lets make sure the kids all get into to schoool and are as good as the experts say. I hope Rice does not turn out to be like Gonzo, good with lesser players but unable to rise to the next level with the big boys.P.S. How is fatherhood? Is the kid toilet trained yet?
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Think about this though: had Dwight opted out of his last year with Orlando he would have signed with the Nets as a FA and we wo;d8n&#l217ut have a chance to get him.
Ami,Great post. A genuine smile is hard to come by and your story plus the video created one on my mug. What if we all stood up for one person? What would happen? The world would be brighter, more cotaossianpme and a place where we would not have to ask to sit anywhere. We would have more people like you to spread love because you have experienced from someone that you never knew. That sounds like a world that is worth working towards. Thank you for this.
Жеесть.. после первых двух постов даже на сайт к ним заходить не решился...
НЕ магазин а непонятно что, обещают доставить технику, сами не привозят и трубок телефона не снимают, хорошо хоть аванс не берут....второй раз не в коем случае обращаться не СТАНУ!!!!!!
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