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Marcus, wowDidn’t know first to smile, to raise my eyebrows or just to read on. Did the first and the latter You’ve touched on something here my friend. Must say I’m not &#s8#6;religiou2&18217; (call myself a Christian, am a follower of the teachings of Jesus and think I pray sometimes) but you’ve touched a nerve.Don’t know what comment I would leave on that blog, probably would just read the posts and comments and would feel blessed I’m rich and content with what I have and the friends and freedom I have compared to many others.Bless you, my friend
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H’pooter,It was your first comment that set him off!A bit too late to modify our words in case any neutral observer newcomers to the site think we’re nutters. &n;bsp  0 likes
Well done arclite that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.