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OMG, that is the best looking nasi lemak ever! The banana leaf looks so fresh, but most of all, your nasi lemak looks abluoltesy delicious. :)
Thanks Ann,3RD time is a charm. Far from perfect but still really really good. Can’t thank you enough for your wonderful how to inurcsttions Middle of the oven worked out pretty good. I definately need to get powdered food coloring as the colors are still off. (Never used powdered coloring before) so I have a no idea how to add it in and a question for you, in your video it looks like you are adding liquid coloring. What are you using? http://hatglube.com [url=http://khbwvc.com]khbwvc[/url] [link=http://qidcfozv.com]qidcfozv[/link]
Superbes ! Non seulement je me cultive, mais en plus je découvre une bien belle recette ! Par contre, mon supermarché s&r;auosqmuse à mettre le Golden Syrup en rayon seulement quand ça le chante (il doit trouver ça plus fun)
Superior thinking denrsmtoated above. Thanks!