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i did a mixture... with my oldes i breast fed while in the hospital... it wasn't working so well so i stopped.... my second daughter i didn't even try... with my son it was 3 1/2 years later so i thought i would give it another shot and i breast fed for about 5 months.. i started giving him formula also probally at 3 months because he ate so much he was always attached to me... after antoher 2 months i gave up.. i am currently pregnant with #4 and plan on trying to do it even longer :) look forward to following more of your blog :)ilcrkewww.amothersside.baogspot.romwww.karriescreations.com
que onda con el conmitareo de arriba que intenso me gustan las dos paginas las dos las visito y me parecen buenas por que tanto pleito