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about this movie is what I would have said if I could write as well as you.I too was rivited during the last scenes that kept coming up with surprises – the camera work was what made it all work so well. Since I di827#dn1&;t get any movie reviews before the movie I didn’t know that this movie was panned.
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That dialogue is troublesome, and the complete lack of choice in handling it any other way is even more upsetting. It really bothers me when an RPG supposedly letting me do quests how I want randomly has a quest with only one choice (notably when theer’s some sort of moral concept present).I wish I could assume it was laziness on behalf of the writers, but I’m more inclined to consider it’s because the script was written and approved by people who don’t think there’s any other possible way to handle a situation like the one presented here. :c
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