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Det jag har läst den senare tiden här är mycket gnäll och lite fakta. Kolla pÃ¥ resultatet ikväll . 4 pinnar mot LHC och HV dÃ¥ är man inget botÃnngt¤eg som ni här har pÃ¥stÃ¥tt hela hösten...
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Unless those books you refer to are all coming from the same publisher, I would hazard a guess that this is less of an intentional trend than that of the collective coneoicusnsss. I'm always fascinated by how certain approaches or topics seem to come in clumps. There is truth to that "ideas are in the air" saying. I never pay attention to trends. I write about what fascinates me. So if a gem of information that intrigues me happens to fall in line with such a trend, I might not even know it until publication time.
Hey, that's the grstaeet! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?